30 & 10 remix – yoshua текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
curtain has come to a close, the end
wipe all that white off your nose, reject
i take a bow, i’m a star
hollywood isn’t seeming too far
bobby brown the way i put it down, yeah yeah
i like it when you’re around, bebe
i spoke to god at the bus stop, he said
everything would be fine, trusting in the divine
i’m so raw i could make your brain go foggy
with the lord, be sure that none could ever harm me
i and the father are one, that’s john 10:30
and psalm 31, taken my refuge, come quick to my rescue
cut off from your sight, but you heard my cry for mercy, you did

[verse 2]
and i died back then, i’m alive my friend, gotta do right by him
god is my, god is my boast, yella
i wanna, wan’ make a toast, to the
boys, y’all got my back through the noise
y’all had me when i had joy, and when i lost it
i was exhausted, running through parks just to profit
i almost fell in the coffin, but you the ones who had caught me
i wanna pay you back promptly, yeah
and i had to hop on this beat for the remix
i wanna talk about jesus
let’s have discussions in places like ancient times
in the land built by romulus, remus
i’m reading proverbs as soon as i wake up in morning
and start the day feeling so fresh and i’m zoning
start the day praying and wishing and hoping
that god would send someone to hold me, ooh

[verse 3]
i gotta get my devotional on, i think i’m coming off strong
i wear my heart on my sleeve, everybody can see
i do my thing, don’t know if it’s wrong
god, please, don’t turn your back onto me
drown in the sea and i can’t even breathe
i’m tryna live as an icon like jaden
my confidence too small, i hate it, yeah
uh, the prayers up, the blessings come back
and i got a knack for running it back when i slip, yeah
got a grip, yeah, i don’t really hit back
i don’t snap back, so all my streaks just got mad
i got the lord in my league, that’s the dream team
jesus christ all i need, that’s a love thing
paid the price, he put no one else above me
god say i’m beautiful when i thought i was ugly

[verse 4: foggieraw]
came out the fire, the smoke giving out secondhand
i had put 30 and 10 up with my second hand
this is hard to understand, i had made no other plans
but to keep all of my little faith in the man
glad he ain’t leave that to chance (whoa)
“udm 17.6” on my hand
chicks don’t even know the name of my band
but this no d-12, i play these raps by myself
i don’t need no eminem
as you can tell, i play these raps for my health
i don’t eat no m&m’s
baby, who them?
they just some rapper boys worried bout us
y’all be so worried ’bout us
god in my soul, my soul is fire
you should be worried for them

[outro: foggieraw]
god is my boast, i have said it four times
why would i say it again?
why would i say it again?
why would i say it again?
why would i say it again?

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