3am thoughts – young bastard текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
i’m delirious
mind’s gone so much it’s mysterious
i know your f-cking jaws will drop when you’re hearing this
when my friends leave, i tell them don’t go like a syrian
cause then the voices start talking, i realize that i’m listening
saying “flynn’s dead, you’re b-st-rd”, i fully agree
like monica lewinsky taking care of bill’s needs
awake ’till my eyes bleed
caffeine finna get me od’d
but f-ck it i’ma grind ’till i succeed, f-ck a concede
all these people telling me what i should and shouldn’t do
please get the f-ck off my d-ck, you’re sticking to it like glue
sorry man, i’m trying not to be rude
but hang yourself, no one loves you, and you’re k!lling my f-cking mood

[verse 2]
don’t you ever get me wrong b-tch, cause i would f-cking murder you
i’ll line you up and pick and choose but i ain’t hitler burning jews
i can’t f-cking lose
ellen’s hanging from a f-cking noose, that’s no f-cking news, sh-t was hanging loose
i’ve been paying dues
no l’s but i’ve been getting bruised
new sh-t, we don’t care on your f-cking views, b-tch
i talk with b-tches, they get amused
i want monkey, not the zoo
i say what i see b-tch, don’t be confused
i’m plain lewd

- young bastard текст песни