007 – young explicit текст песни

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[verse 1: young explicit]
ay, i’m shooting my shoot like 007
i said this before i’mma say it again
ay, i came from the gutters
you know that i’m creeping
ay, mess that sh*t up
ay, i walk through the door with jeemers and screamers
mommy, jeepers creepers
i’m k!lling this track like lil jeezy and matt
ay, i can from the matrix; that’s how you know i’m gon make it
ay, i said i’m doing this sh*t, outta control
ain’t no winners, i think you misunderstood
i said i’m doing this sh*t, outta control
ain’t there no time to waste
i came undefeated, so step on my waist

[verse 2: lil j]
ay, you already know i’m a real g
got this glock on me
ak47 with the homies, beat yo ass on the street
riding my whip, know it’s lit
me and my homies be kicking it
i got hoes be riding it
everyday you know it’s lit
lil j be getting it
everynight we on the mic like everytime be dropping rhymes
and everytime got hoes wanna get in my ride

- young explicit текст песни