m.a bitch (freestyle) – young m.a текст песни

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it’s m.a b-tch
it’s brooklyn b-tch
it’s redlyfe b-tch

[verse 1]
i said it’s brooklyn b-tch
that crooklyn sh-t that have you shook and sh-t
i shoot the lead
two two in your head, this grip will push your sh-t
my n-gg-s smashed, drunk off henny black
high off kush and sh-t
i took your b-tch
she hooked and sh-t, i got her cooking sh-t
that rice and chicken
my n-gg-s gripping, better not catch you slipping
n-gg-s scared, they really scared
they screaming stop the k!lling
oh my god, inmate got them bars
i swear that b-tch from mars
don’t care who you are or who in charge
don’t care who involved
redlyfe famous for having them bangers, call us shooting stars
pull up on your block, pull out the glock
hop out them hoopty cars
we air out
we clear it out, we shootin’ near your house
p-ssy boy you talking sh-t
don’t make me put this near your mouth
i’m gutter n-gg-
gutter n-gg-, came from nothing n-gg-
we already got them guns, it’s time to get that b-tter n-gg-
cut a n-gg-, pistol b-tt a n-gg-, then we dump the n-gg-
take his b-tch but she already saying she don’t want the n-gg-
savage b-tch, not your average b-tch
i’m on my magic sh-t
making rappers disappear
the rabbit in the hat and sh-t
now all you dyk-s wanna be rappers now
b-tch i been doing this rapping sh-t
the queen of brooklyn
the throne i took it, sitting on this cushion
crown on, with a yellow bone, look like vanilla pudding
c-ck it b-tch, i need a c-cky b-tch
buffy, the body thick
playing with that punani
she wet, on some tsunami sh-t
don’t try me b-tch, that nine beside me b-tch
we on that grimy sh-t
and we got that work, we carry mollys and them oxys b-tch
n-gg- you know who my posse is
well he’ll figure it out when that tommy spit, copy b-tch
we take the cash in that jason mask, on some hockey sh-t
the noses on them rifles look like hockey sticks, snipe a b-tch
they like ma you gotta chill, please put the gun away
no f-ck that, you better run away
b-tch it’s young m.a

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