11th july – young presh текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

lyrics for july 11th by young presh
yeah yeah it’s your boy young presh
yeah it’s my birthday, omo it’s my birthday!
i was born on 11th july to planet earth mehn

born to a street full of jealousy
competition, contradicts and full of hate d*mn
wey be say before you survive you need to climb heaven’s gate
if you be hustler you need to double up, only realers fit relate
i’m a computer engineering student from abia poly
trying to achieve my goals in life
i’m always attacking to score don’t mistake me for napoli
i’m super human! superman! lyrically came to save my city metropolis
they wan summarize my career but i
tеar extra sh*t to complete my story
hеy! abracadabra
mama your son made magic he’s now a rapper
she said haba! precious you wanna start living the life of a gangster
i said mama live you life like hakunamatata
i’m tryna pay bills, tryna get you a wrapper
she said what are you trying to get yourself into
wanna start smoking, clubbing and womanizing huh!
i’m just tryna school these dudes
the industry needs an engineer like me cause too many screws loosed
poof, leaving y’all with the prove when i’m in the booth
what you gonna do when i hit you with the tututututu at you
anyways its my birthday
enough shayo and sk till the next day
prassing wey go dey the body till on wednesday
party after party for my fans, just trying to be friendly
it’s my birthday
omo it’s my birthday
shayo and sk till the next day
it’s my birthday
omo it’s my birthday
where my og’s, strike a pose
where the camera man dey

i wan use this opportunity appreciate all of una
all of una wey get my back behind my back
wetin i owe una na to blow like olosho puna
and for the ones wey no believe say i fit burst right
this m*f*’s getting p*ssed cause i’m the real sh*t
they hate on me like i k!ll jesus christ
wanna thank y’all for the repost
even when i was feeling like a ghost
una been dey give me life and
always there when i needed y’all the most
today is a new age so i raise a glass for a toast
thank you! thank you!
i get too many disciples
but my disciples na the opposite version of the bible
no one can do this sh*t better than i do
sorry i don’t mean to be mean
i’m just being me
the only presido wey no need campaign for you to vote me
so quote me
rap is nutrious it consist of protein
this rappers trynna copy my routine
my whole team gat the o’t
legit music record is the pro team
my motive is to see my career proceed
then i go boom in the industry like explosive!
it’s my birthday
omo it’s my birthday
shayo and sk till the next day
it’s my birthday
omo it’s my birthday
where my og’s, strike a pose
where the camera man dey!

mehn i’m k!lling with the rhythm and i’m
never gonna stop till the day i stop breathing
till they watch me on the tv
till the money start touching up the ceiling
till they see me as a god and not ever ever what they kid with
it’s a pity that i’m getting jiggy
if you don’t get it i’m tryna’ get the milli
in a minute and i mean it
i’ll be running up your city
amma turn you to a victim
yeah to me it’s no biggie
shey you dey feel me!
small boy with a big god
holding it down stylishly doing it like tick tock
my gbedu dey make other rappers feel like
say dem suppose go rewrite say dem dey spit dust
uhmm hold up! hold up! young presh the sniper
how old are you this year?
uhmmmm, forget my age just know say i no be your mate sha
i’m just in my early 20’s
i never start homies just dey envy
they wan end me
atleast make una allow me buy my bentley
ehmmm! many mistake me for eminem
i invest in the game like i’m mmm
benderereng with my geng
the goons think i’m done
take note young presh has only begun
yeah i’m coming to shock them with my ep
we need medics bro cause e fit cause bp
i be johnny sins on beat i no dey use cd
we’re not the same class, go check my cv
my mission on earth is to put rap together
tryna let this n*ggas know say kaki no be leather
i make moves only for the cheddar
even kuti can’t do it more than this fela, more than this fella!
happy birthday to you (interlude)
legit music

- young presh текст песни