22 years (outro) – young prophet текст песни

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22 years i made around this earth
tried to get it out the dirt that’s even when my hands would hurt
it’s even worse when ain’t n0body on ya side
it’s suicide when they see you come alive
so i stride wit it
denied fitting in
supplied dividends
and i did the sh*t all on my own
you now witnessing
the illest n*gga since
that young boy that arose from the chi
the pressure coming every way
you just gon’ face it or hide?
and i ain’t never been the one to deny
a fair one
who you runnin from? the sun or the sky
i speak my piece, that ain’t no business to i
you’re just a minuscule guy
you’re just a interlude, i’m— the whole album
wake up in the morning, say my prayers then i douse em
i lost em
like fiftyleven songs ago
the hardest quote?
you probably missed it cuz they all mispoke
the topic? “choke”
you gotta know i never did that
and if i had the sh*t my way i would forever give back
all this music got me askin’ “where the energy at?”
i mean im sayin, we ain’t ever get back
and this is 22 years in the making
22 years in the making
said, this 22 years
a long time? it’s just 22 years, aye
(h*llo, no one is available to take your call
please leave a message after the beep.)


(voicemail plays)

- young prophet текст песни