3 am in brixton – youngs teflon текст песни

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[verse 1]
even though i ain’t the right dude
im the one she wanna give her life to
she the one i wanna give the pipe to
and she gonna hold a n*gga pipe too
i dont think right when im bingin’
bendin’ over suttin’ with the fringes
hammers in the jackets or the engines
everytime i step with my ninjas
feds tryna do man for some old crimes
locked up my n*ggas dem in ‘09
stop tell lies you never sold white
me am on the streets like road signs
had to go outside for my income
standin’ in the rain with the big one
how you the man or the big don?
how your mum livin’ whats your kids on?

[verse 2]
five years on the .38
got the cheek to still pray for the pearly gates
told baby dont vex when am workin’ late
you know every ting bless when i percolate
i dont do molly or percocet
i keep a side pistol and wear turtle necks
im in the hood, white rice with the jerk on it
wheres your cv? i never see no dirt on it
school days i was doin’ hookie though
to smoke dutch, i ain’t know about cookie though
last time they saw me i was a rookie though
they dont know that i never leave my jookie though
late teens couldn’t get sillier
remember we were smokin’ weed in the cinema
a couple gal were gettin’ beat in the cinema
from my hood then you probably did similar

[verse 3]
all the other sh*t we did when we was p*ss poor
probably coulda got us life and a bit more
tryna figure out the puzzle like jigsaw
would you die for what you live for?
shoulda been a stone ‘cos am rollin’
shoulda seen the bones, why they phonin’?
fam i ain’t your homes, who you homin’?
coulda been the flow why they clonin’
top 5, uk, thats big facts
all time, doa, no mismatch
and i dont do diss tracks
‘cos i dont like distracts

- youngs teflon текст песни