11:11 – ysa sukreme текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

pop you like a pimple
this rap is simple
i’m her wish 11:11
shout out to lael all rappers go to heaven
he tryna diss i’m like ok
i’m finna you know what i’m dontai say (aye)
you see some fire how that felt
my song harder than a gucci belt
i act like a celeb cause you think that you knew me
they love to watch me cause my life a movie
they say i’m the goat cause i am
just watch decendants r.i.p to cam
if they hating on me they jealous
my songs good for you like lettece
me and my friends be rapping on the gram theres nothing u can tell us
i don’t know why they hate
so much ice i skate
say you wanna blow up thats real great
see me shine haters got nothing to say
they be lurking on the page
if your fan then your here to stay
i started rapping because of a legend long live jahseh

- ysa sukreme текст песни