0 to 100(freestyle) – yukzen mayuya текст песни

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[intro : yukzen]

[verse 1]

ah yoh girl did u reali think i loved you..
you we’re wrong all i wanted to f-ck..u
i got ma girl b-tch u we’re number two..
now leave baq imature i don’t want u..
from the 1st met u..i liked u
lyk d-mn this girl..i wanna f-ck too..
so now i did it what else do u need..
i got a feelin that my d-ck girl u d-ck it..
time wasted girl is never regained..
i got the best make..
by makin weather..
rain on ur hoes..lyk i’m makin cheader..
i got 21st candles. on ma cake..
i’m from the skul of hardknocks that be pns..
we’re real n-ggas sell dope
just to make a cheader..
me and you we done i ain’t goin back..
this ain’t chicken n-gga that’s a stryt beef..
if you rili hate me come n suck ma d-ck..
take a trip to my b-lls..n take a pic..
you don’t need a ticket..that’s a low cl-ss..
ima make u feel it..just 4 a moment..
i represent ma zone n-gga
no else
ima king i rule i don’t have a crown..
ge ke tsene ba bloma..they sit down..
ka ba foxa ka rhyme includin lines..
so wena dula fase ntwana o teeletxe life..
cuz i’m still i’m on ma grind
k!llin rappers..
gone bjalo mapodisa bampatla..
4 k!llin beats..everythin ke papatla..
[huh] girls bampaka..
goseng bona bale bago paka..
ke rata bby yaka..ene wanrata..
ke thabiso..ntwana yaa le yellow bone..
we be kicin everywher in public..
makin b-tches jelas..we never doubt it..
real quick lemme show u how do this..
all day every night..
i’m still sick..
ibe chillin with n-ggas yeah we the real sh-t..
get it..
now i’m back doin fullclips..
picture myslf standin with ur is 2014..07 n-gga
still here lyk i own it n-gga..
you can hate u cn talk i don’t care n-gga..
0 to a 100 ibe k!llin it
your an underground rapper..
i’m a commisial..
so in this muhfeucker you r an imature..
any way i’m king so i this game ima rule n-gga mayuya the rap king huh..i shoot punchlines b-tch u cnt even duck..that’s a knock owt i’m goin far..
touch down..south side
yako zone 8..
its over ima tell u lyk i own yah..and no doubt i’m real n-gga no doubt..
yeah ke mayuya n-gga
you can’t even f-ck with me

b-tch check
dedication to my exes
its yukzen

this is how we live from the south side..
evryday now n then its celebration..
wack rappers owtchea they be musturbatin..
while i’m here with ma gs..
chasin paper..
then we pray to best in game..
f-ck it we th best already..
kinghost..mlk jowy..
they ma n-ggas oh yeah we from zone 8
shout out vex
south side ma n-gga that’s we’re i put it..
no doubt ma n-gga that’s how we livin..
if wanna make it come nd join us..
if u wanna hate come n f-ck with us..
you don’t wanna do that n-gga
or else n-gga you will die
its your boy yukzen aka mayuya
yeah shout out—d-mn
bless your self b-tch shout haleluya
its your boy yukzen aka mayuya
never ever had a gud
bt i’m a straight shooter
in this game ke khaphela
gotseba mpilo
ketlono qobelela mfana kare ke bophelo
nkago dira even i’m not nuty nyc
ima go and buy a kite for my punchlines
they stay fly
real fly
do you wanna get high in this life
south side n-gga
we the best
zone 8 is where i’m from
yeah its your boy yukzen
n-gga aka mayuya

yeah shout out to all my n-ggas
shout to all this wack rappers who claimin to be real
you get me
we the best in this game muhfcka
you can never f-ck with us
so like f-ck any rapper out there
who thinks is better than us
i’m k!ller
i’m real
this how i catch up n-gga
yeah huh
check x3
this is how i catch up
we from zone 8
my name is yukzen[mayuyaa]
and this is how i do
its all about rhymes

- yukzen mayuya текст песни