2 or 3 shoots – yung stackz текст песни

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2 or three shots they all running this is no person but bullets be dumping said i ain’t make it pull up it a beam screaming free jet rip to speedy in aqueduct we would always roll weed i got 2 choppas aim it for your knee i ain’t no k!ller but this gun on fleek rip jeano always took care of me feel like kp cause im coming with heat shots rang out so he the first one to bleed thats what he get for talking bout auntie got a lil pump and a lil uzi stay on my grind so they want the money was a troubled chil up in 15 getting people jump then say wasn’t me dont want no static make u rip stay on my grind so you know that they hating neighborhood hero i can’t be the villain dont pop no perks ain’t never drank ridlin kid on the block so i just startеd trapin member smoking all that weed up with alex talk about hеr imma turn to a savage im laying low but i still got a bad chick free my boi andrew he locked in the box back on the block we had it hot in 91 we smoked all them bombs traping on the block you know its hot they said beanz died i went inna rage its free my big bro he stuck in the cage hit someone straight up in his face did the race on the block we call him tay k gang member them days i was chilling wit beanz son hmu said he going to sleep my boi neverf woke up out of his dreams talk about beanz you get hit with these gzz i gotta choppa aim it for your knee i got to cop a lil uzi do it for jet fomie and for beans talk about one of em you getting hit i got these hands i got the mac 11 going to church preaching with my revren asking god pls forgive all my sin when i die i justt won’t be in heaven wasn’t a good lil boy when i was in school i was skipping all the people said they do it better then me guess what they all trippin

- yung stackz текст песни