2021 – yunginky текст песни

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intro *its ya boi yunginky * ayye yessir

aye x2 2021 finally here now we gonna cheer corona took over last year now am claiming 2021 for a reason when covid it its been a dry season 2020 was so boring it got me snoring why yall haters capping for no reason 2021 bout to be here you hear 2020 had a long run even if it feels like it just begun but am not gonna lie i kind of had some fun aye aye 2021 life 111 2021 coming in hot so lets celebrate why not 2021 new year but unlike 2020 i can see it clear as glass cars are moving fast doing the dash aye aye aye hope i dont crash all haters are capp all they do is cap they in a trap all these haters are fake i bet they made a mistake

- yunginky текст песни