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“do bad on my own”

say mike dean, dig these blues

[verse 1:]
i remember situations as an adolescent
i couldn’t roll with the homies they’d rather see a n-gg- steppin’.
was it ’cause i was a “school boy” tryin’ to get my grades together?
stayed on the same block but we never played together.
all of a sudden, why they wanna come and kick it with ro?
thinkin’ they can get free cd’s and free ticket’s to show’s? no!
pay at the door or you stuck out
and if you get in, don’t ask for nothin’ or get escorted the f-ck out!
and say lil’ mama i ain’t tryin’ to go to bed with ya.
you smokin’ thinkin’ i’m about to be breakin’ bread with ya.
keep my money in my pocket, never leave it with ho’s.
put a ring on my own finger ’cause i sleep with zero.
i love my enemy’s more than friends that’s why i treat’em so friendly
’cause they let you know they hate you, but a friend hides his envy.
ain’t no use in flaggin’ me down while i’m out on a creep
if i’m stoppin’, my gun’s c-ckin’ you droppin’.
i live and die one deep!

i don’t need no help, my n-gg-,i can do bad on my own
and i don’t need no company lil’ mama, stop ringing my cellular phone
when i be down and out, n-body wanna come and kick it
i’m a n-body until i can shine.
so when the money is long, i don’t need n-body to visit
leave me lonely like you did last time.

[verse 2:]
it’s the same, every day. every day is the same
dealin’ with fraud -ss fellas i swear it ain’t gonna ever change.
even speakin’ on the hood, n-gg- the hood ain’t sh-t.
so when you see me i’m a speak, but that’s as good as it gets.
but ain’t no ridin’ with me, gettin’ drunk, or gettin’ high with me.
ten out of ten i bet you would never ride and die with me.
all my drugs are for personal use ’cause i be stressin’ bad.
poverty and pain is all i’ve ever had.
i remember i was down in the dumps no one lifted me up.
n-gg-s said i would never make it in music ’cause i wasn’t gifted enough
so why the h-ll would i chill with y’all?
i’d rather deal with felony charges before i have to deal with y’all
it’s one cup, one sweet ’cause it’s z-ro only
forever lonely i don’t need no phony homey’s all up on me
’cause when n-gg-s get to trippin’ with their and sh-t,
for me, i bet my homey’s won’t empty a clip.
i live and die one deep!


[verse 3:]
it was hard to dream when i was hooked on codeine
killin’ myself slowly on purpose ’cause humans made me nervous.
and i knew i’d have to kill one, one day.
then how could i sit up in front of the lord come sunday?
that’s why i eat by myself and i sleep by myself.
i’m alone twenty-four seven i’m out here on my own.
plus i’m confident that i would never jack myself
for all i know, homicides are homey’s watchin’ as i stack my wealth.
when i was trippin’ with my steel pointed dead at my grill,
all my “real n-gg-s was laughin'”. didn’t try to tell me to chill.
i ain’t ever had a friend like joseph
’cause he don’t give a d-mn if i ever was on a poster.
a skinny -ss never had a penny -ss n-gg-, treated like a food stamp
till i dropped a few jams now they diggin’ a n-gg-
it’s plain and simple to witness,
if it wasn’t for rappin’ who’d give a f-ck about my business?
let me live one deep!


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