1131 interlude – zayd lahham текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, you got me
it’s the c*cky camel jockey
the iraqi asap rocky
mr. million milwaukees, to be giannis
i make sloppy money
like a sn0bby ashken*z*
on a yacht relaxing probably
short khakis playing yahtzee and
shut your cameras off me, i be shooting paparazzi
leave a pen around me leave a outline ‘round your body
you the type to mock me, want smoke, and still copy
but it’s nothing funny, no more jokes like bill
you keep it inside, i know what you think
i’m thinking of you, but we ain’t n*sync
you say it’s on sight, but we never link
i know how you feel, but i ain’t gon’ shrink
sleepin’ on me, you won’t catch a wink
best know your tone, and not waste your ink
y’all acting foul, but i never brick
y’all heating me up and i’m not even
don’t got a fever, just a hot temper
ask for a feature, if you not clever
cook with me, that’s a lot of pressure
what i produce gon’ come out fresher
penn make magic money, i’m a bank teller
looks easy, ay? scarlet letter
k!ll you artists, i’m the shredder
what does that make you, if i’m the shepherd?
i rock beef like i’m wearing leather
no dropping names, won’t give the pleasure
if the shoe fits, you cinderella
but to all rappers, this a open letter
study my lyrics, you’ll be rapping better
i want my lines read like a spell checker
golden rule, don’t forget it ever
if you good at something, zayd will do it better

- zayd lahham текст песни