10 a piece – zelooperz текст песни

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these b*tches k!lling me
you already know that z got paint, they goin for 10 a piece
why i pull up on you and yo b*tch, she look like a wildebeest
my lil green got a snotty nose, he just like kin to me
and these lil flows like [?] pills, i swear im k!lling me
pop these tabs like [?] i swear ain’t sh*t to me
over sized, do two bowls, do it for the memories
ima do it for the memories
12 got [?] in my vocals, this vengeance on the beat
lil b*tch didn’t wanna go*go now she bouncing on the meat
made 30 piece, no promo, ain’t no arguing with me
i be rocking dior, you rocking target on the beat
ain’t no n*gga in yo city, boy you tardy in the streets
[?] i’ve bombarded it with the piece
you know that im shipping, ive en garde it with the piece
and im krumping with my tee
when i run these [?] get the fungus out my feet
b*tches call me king [?]

- zelooperz текст песни