23/24 – zeuz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro : zeuz]
it’s the virgo
same old version
jesus save me
born from the holy virgin
i see the numbers
all serve a purpose
give me a sign
is prophecy at work this time

[bridge : zeuz]
hmmm i feel good
oh yea life is good
this year our year yeaah
oh yea i feel i feel
i feel great right now
go ahead and light that wood
they might to frame me and throw a bogus case on me
but f*ck that f*ck that

[verse 1: zeuz]
like that hoe they try to put on kobe case
that’s enough to put them tears on michael jordan face
i can turn a 23 to 24
the evolution of innovation no friendly foe
there’s only one 24
two 23’s
so how the f*ck im imitating i’m just being me
n*ggas follow like sheep i want goat status
and we both come from different eras we can both have it

this year i got the mamba mentality

[verse 2: zeuz]
virgo season season opener
rest in peace to the greatest game closer
how the h*ll a helicopter gonna take his life
when his whole career mama that man has been taking flight
the game ain’t the same once lebron get this rang and he out dam the thang over
james and dwayne over?
and kobe too we should say the nba over
and gigi too bless vanessa gotta pray for her
90s baby and september baby
this the time of the month all my virgos go crazy
to name a few like
ludacris and two chains
slim thugga , young thugga
zendaya with that cute face
but this in honor to the goats
to the honorable virgo’s
kobe bryant , beyoncé knowles
must know , this sept*ember’s very own
billie jean , queen b
nas with michael jackson’s nose
3 heads on the pillars and they all made of gold
greek god on the throne
that’s the team virgo
i done seen my horoscope , stay away from scorpios oh no oh no
you can use a microscopes and watch how the story goes how the journey unfold
will i live to tell the tales that trail my tail for if i fail a coffin nail
would deeply pale , never my soul tho my body is my outer sh*ll
you looked alive ,i was playing dead
while i’m the voice of my dam gen
no trophy just a kids choice of a dance trend
trend setter and make the game transcend

- zeuz текст песни