17 days in va – zilla rocca текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

philly phantom gun, guy gardner lantern lung
joey nazer hammer hung, garbage that a spammer spun
lie awake by the bannister, lids on a canister
secrets we store from russian amateurs
it’s all cameras and jacks, smooth legs with a catch
produce medicine at fifty a batch
things that we do to relax: buy baggy vests
keep the shotties in the chrome body stretch, bet
nothing new to say when you get rich
from bk to nj the same sh*t the nets switched
the necklace i bought never meant sh*t
might cop a rhino cause y’all are sideshows
miguel cairo’s looking for another job
sell gyros for three bucks a pop
nothing left on this block, undercovers to watch
metal scr*ppers taking stoves out the box
c’mon kid, it’s stupid hot
in ’96 jakes hit red’s buddha spot
i’m sipping johnie walker red label on the rocks
youngsta’s on cassette justin’s boombox
adjusting up that new plot
starlets in hatchbacks, political backscratch
my man did tours in baghdad and never talked about it
that’s a real shooter for you cowards, stay off the f*ckin flowers

i made rounds in germantown with charlie and hart
stashed twenty grand in the front yard
the jux fell apart, lost boogie when a shepherd bit his arm
then his throat, the getaway driver hit the road
either way we’re getting paid what we’re owed
just act like a tourist when barney’s might approach
and keep the pocket rocket in your coat
kimmy’s at the safehouse frying up eggs, we gotta stay down
back in tulane my brother found his grave
on the run for eleven*teen days
rizzo turned the page, figured us for flapjacks
i had a .22, that’s bad news for black jack
talk in avalanche morse code then bundle up
silly me thinking we were on the cusp
of greatness, hall of fame hammers in the area
now we’re down in va juxing james farrior
sending carrier pigeons back to tony scratch
you need us back? we’re sick of these phony accents

- zilla rocca текст песни