3 choppaz – zotiyac 1 текст песни

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aye , you pullin up deep ain’t no problem
aye , like f*ck it ill ride wit 3 choppas
aye , f*ck er den block er ibaka
aye , won’t see dat hoe in mañana
aye , smokin on woodz like cabana
aye , puffin on gelato guava
aye , call up a task for da drama
aye , or f*ck it i ride wit 3 choppaz

aye * run down its gon be a h*ll of a night
aye * gun sounds fore he even get in my sight , aye * calm down n*gga you ain’t livin that life .. its a bong lounge n*gga we addicted to pipes , n*ggas washed up all m*th*f*ckin has beens , you in da past tense all these n*ggas absent
brought da double drum out i do not like flashin
im off da acid you might get yo ass kicked *
never catch me gettin punk’d out i am not like ashton
big green beam cuz my glock like fashion
tina get to singin it is not like braxton , not like plastic do not try passin , takin all yo sh*t cuz i do not like askin
da bodies in da freezer dis is not like baskin’s
meat cleaver heater he get chopped sh*ts madness
grab da hit sticks do em bad like madden

aye , f*ckin around wit dat flock he gon run into some shots we be shootin sh*t for jocc we be doin this a lot
dis lil stupid b*tch outside finna scoop an sh*t im hot , i already told da hoe she throwin 4 da top
i already know you broke dont worry bout my knot , she already know im poled she told her man to stop
dont know why he talkin bold cuz weon let sh*t slide
we already you p*ssy keep yo ass inside
ay f*ck yo handshake hoe we came to take sh*t
finna buss yo man face wit dis dirty k clip
finna buss down da state wit a whole a hunnid script get da f*ck out da way if you ain’t in it for da strips

goofy b*tch jus hit my dms talkin bout i played her … i can’t chase no b*tch i always been a taker
walkin round wit dat k like da english in jamica , we ain’t bring no ductape dont f*ck around and get yo face cut
eyes better stay shut
wake up to dat shake up
peekin thru da window shootin off da glass like fundamentals
potato in da rental wit da mask im subliminal
fore you can telegraph i up da bar f*ck up yo mental
another statistic , f*ck it i live it
she left her lipstick on tip of my diznick
ion like make up and ion like kisses
she keep er mouth shut except when im in it , bounce to da rhythm hunnid round dat jus hit em one pound in da denim another loss to da system, got da strap in da meeting
better sign me and i mean it
f*ck a contract i need treatment
you reject me then im squeezin
run nem residuals , one individual
come to da slumz leave yo condition critical
ain’t no slobberknockin limp why you talkin like a pimp yo b*tch told me you a simp you be foldin on yo tens
he be poppin at da lip we exposin em again send some shotz up in his crib knock da t v off da stand
sh*t flyin round da room like a ouija i ain’t playin
got da tool not a squeegee squeeze da
d* e out da van

- zotiyac 1 текст песни